Tengah Plantation Loop EC Near to Chinese Gardens MRT Station

The new development will feature a pneumatic waste conveyor system for garbage collection. This will reduce the need for garbage trucks and create a cleaner environment. In addition, a mobile app will enable residents to monitor their water and energy usage. This will help them better manage their bills and also give them an insight into how other blocks use the same resources.

Tengah Plantation Loop EC

The EC at Tengah Plantation Loop offers a unique blend of green and urban living. The site also promotes preservation of the local Tengah culture. The condos will be located within walking distance to future MRT stations. The condos are positioned near the CTE and Sengkang MRT stations.

The new residential development is also near the Jurong Regional Line MRT station and future Tengah Town. This area also offers a bus terminal, several schools and a proposed car-free town centre. The EC will also feature fully furnished units and balconies overlooking lush greenery. Additionally, the town centre will be eco-friendly with separated pedestrian and cycling paths. In addition, the area is expected to offer leisure farming activities for residents.

The EC also has a great location near Westgate Shopping Centre. The mall offers a variety of local and international cuisines, along with retail stores and restaurants. In addition, the property is close to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and a world-class educational system.

Community farmways

A new EC site is coming to the neighbourhood of Tengah, near Chinese Gardens MRT station. The project is expected to feature a unique mix of green and urban living, with an emphasis on the preservation of the local Tengah culture. It is also expected to be within walking distance to several nearby MRT stations. The project’s launch is expected in H2 2020. The development’s amenities and proximity to a major MRT station are expected to make it a popular choice among buyers.

The development will feature two luxury residential developments, each with its own town centre and dedicated cycling and walking paths. It is also near several major transportation hubs, including the Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Eco-town. The development is set amidst a Special Management Area agreement, making it extremely safe for residents. Upon completion, all tenants and contractors will receive a background check certificate.

Residents of the new community can look forward to an eco-friendly town centre, featuring underground roads that separate motor traffic from pedestrian streets. This will also make it much safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and other recreational activities. Tengah EC also features a community park and bike paths. It is also expected to feature a variety of dining and retail options, as well as recreational facilities. In addition, the community is within a short drive of the Jurong Innovation District and the Jurong Lake District. Furthermore, residents can take advantage of its convenience with public transport services such as the MRT, bus, and taxi services.

Vehicle-free town centers

Located near a new MRT station, Tengah EC has the added benefit of being located near schools, medical facilities, and sports hubs. There will also be a car-free town centre with bike paths, and residents can enjoy a variety of dining and retail options within walking distance of the EC. The new development will also be close to the Central Business District and Western Catchment Area, making it a convenient location to live and work in.

Located near a bus terminal, the EC is designed to be a car-lite metropolis. It will also have a vehicle-free town centre and a number of other green features. Besides its location, Tengah will also feature a new shopping village and several schools.

There are several vehicle-free town centers in Singapore. Bukit Batok EC, for example, has a neighbourhood centre with hawker centres and a small shopping mall within walking distance. It is also near several bus stops and MRT stations. As an added bonus, the development is also near the Jurong Innovation District, one of Singapore’s most promising advanced manufacturing centers.

Integrated park system

The integrated park system at Tengah Plantation loop EC is a great way to unwind after a busy day. Located near the Pan Island Expressway and the Bukit Batok West MRT Station, this condominium is a convenient location for commuters. It is also near the Jurong Innovation District, one of the largest central business districts outside the city centre.

The integrated park system will feature a green belt of around 100 metres, providing a unique environment for residents to enjoy. This park will be lined with various types of rainforest trees and will feature hiking trails for those who want to enjoy the lush greenery. This project is a good example of smart infrastructure that can help build a sustainable and green town. The development will include five distinct residential districts, a 20-hectare Central Park, and community farms.

This new town development is conveniently located near the Jurong Region Line MRT station and is close to several MRT stations. It is also close to the future Tengah Town Centre. It is also just a 30 minute drive from Orchard Road and the Jurong Innovation District, one of the smartest eco-towns in Singapore.

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